Cumberland Polytechnic

Meet Michaela King
Cumberland Polytechnic High School
“Honor Student and Future Radiology Technician”

Navigating high school is already a challenge, but Cumberland Polytechnic High School senior Michaela King has persevered and succeeded while also taking care of an ill family member and working full time – sometimes two jobs. And she knows that’s a big accomplishment.

Michaela King standing in the front office of the school “I am most proud that through the past two years, even though it was rough I managed to pull through and graduate high school,” Michaela said.

Michaela is an incredibly hard worker who takes care of her nana, who has been ill for some time. In addition to attending high school, she’s worked full-time for the past two years, including working two jobs. She started off working as a cashier at a restaurant, then got a second job cleaning a car dealership in the evening. She eventually left both jobs and is currently employed as a waitress at a local seafood chain.

Michaela King standing in the hall with a teacher.And on top of all that, Michaela completed 80 volunteer hours and was active in the National Honor Society. “It is my favorite activity because it allows me an opportunity to give back to my community.”

Michaela received a large scholarship to Campbell University but decided to stay close by to be with her family. She will attend Fayetteville Technical Community College this fall and plans to enter the radiology program and become a radiology technician. She says she’s ready for her future.

“Cumberland County Schools has prepared me for my future by exposing me to different ways of learning, applying the curriculum to real-life circumstances, and teaching me how to work well with others.”

Michaela King standing with staff member in the hallShe not only works well with others, she’s also made a lasting impression. “I admire Michaela because at such a young age, she has learned the art of making lemonade out of lemons and she does it gracefully,” said school counselor Brittany Raines. “She doesn’t complain, she simply takes action and does what she has to do.”